Creaal is an active holding that advises and participates. Our dedicated team enjoys assisting technical service providers that truly (have the potential to) add value.

Creaal has both knowledge of and experience in the fields of technology (software), business administration and marketing. This is our strength, and therefore, our focus in terms of the advice and service we provide, as well as new participations. In this way, we help lift companies to higher levels.

For some, we are a one-time advice or service provider, while for others, we operate as a long-term advisor and coach. When we see the potential for more intensive cooperation, advice can lead to participation. In this, we actively participate in the company; permanently, or until the organisation can function on its own.

What makes Creaal special is its philosophy; the rationale behind all our actions. Our philosophy can be summarised in one word: cooperation. With chain partners, customers and employees.

And all this within the context of our undiluted ambition, best expressed in the slogan “What we think, we become” (Buddha).