In 2002, i-Design laid the foundation for what is now Creaal Group. To start building websites and webshops at that time was a risk, but i-Design made it into a success – both nationally and internationally – with i-Design International as the administrative vehicle. Over time, its services were expanded with web-based, customised software, software packages, apps, and, to optimally align with customer needs, the documentation and implementation of customer journeys.

Slowly, the focus shifted to exclusively supply web-based, customised software; programs that automate the business operations of customers and align the different facets – such as logistics, stock management, finance and commercial management – involved in this. Always delivered within the specified budget framework and in line with the agreed-upon schedule. And always optimally programmed to deliver the performances required by the customer. In 2015, this transformation reached its present form with a new company logo and website.

Amongst others, i-Design works for:

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