In 2002, i-Design laid the foundation for what is now Creaal Group. To start building websites and webshops at that time was a risk, but i-Design made it into a success – both nationally and internationally – with i-Design International as the administrative vehicle. Over time, its services were expanded with web-based, customised software, software packages, apps, and, to optimally align with customer needs, the documentation and implementation of customer journeys. Read more.

AntwoordPlus was developed by i-Design in 2013 as a software package for the Municipality of Ede. Positive user experiences and market demand led to the decision to make AntwoordPlus into an independent label.

AntwoordPlus is more than a software package. It is a methodology that enables organisations to centralise content within their organisation, in order to optimally answer customer questions. Read more.

Elicit Online
Elicit obtains knowledge from people using the unique Elicit method. In this, Elicit is primarily focused on the experiential knowledge of experts, critical for product quality and control. The focus is on the control and optimisation of the quality of the end result, ensuring customer satisfaction. Read more.