In 2002, i-Design laid the foundation for what is now Creaal Group. To start building websites and webshops at that time was a risk, but i-Design made it into a success – both nationally and internationally – with i-Design International as the administrative vehicle. Over time, its services were expanded with web-based, customised software, software packages, apps, and, to optimally align with customer needs, the documentation and implementation of customer journeys. Read more.

AntwoordPlus was developed by i-Design in 2013 as a software package for the Municipality of Ede. Positive user experiences and market demand led to the decision to make AntwoordPlus into an independent label.

AntwoordPlus is more than a software package. It is a methodology that enables organisations to centralise content within their organisation, in order to optimally answer customer questions. Read more.

Nouvelly is an important label within the Creaal group with a focus on connecting with and between many different parties. We stimulate content innovation and ensure, share knowledge, between employees, clients and with other (chain) partners.
Specifically, Nouvelly is a digital tool that takes the knowledge out of the head of the best salesperson within organizations. The online salesperson “Viktor” can, with the right questions, offer customers a shopping experience online. Read more.

Specific ideas, processes and systems make a company or concept unique. Customers want to maintain this competitive advantage at all times without the disadvantages of out-of-control costs. Within the SoftwareLease.nl label, the convenience of leasing a car, for example, is applied to custom software applications. An installment payment in lease installments for a system that meets all customer requirements. Read more.